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Soapi.js 1.0 1.0 2010.07.09.004

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Released: Jul 19, 2010
Updated: Jul 20, 2010 by Sky
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Release Notes

Soapi.js 1.0 release 1.0 2010.07.09.00

- finalized throttled request queue with an interval of 170ms.

Soapi.js RC4 1.0 2010.07.09.00

- Implemented integrated request cache to simplify usage and to transparently prevent api abuse. Default cache duration is 60 seconds. This can be increased using Soapi.RequestCache.setDuration()
- Implemented integrated throttled request queue to simplify usage and prevent systemic failures due to throttling 'violations' on endpoints other than The default (an minimum recommended) queue interval is 300ms. This means all requests are queued and processed FIFO at 300 ms intervals. Note: if you do most of your tests against you may not have encountered this error and thus question the introduction of a throttled queue. See
- Changed the default timeout to 3 seconds.
- Moved all global event handlers to Soapi.Events to facilitate parity with Soapi.CS
- Exposed 'routeFormat' as static field for use in cache rules
- Added ._typeName back to Domain, Responses and Routes types to facilitate processing in global switches
- Fixed issue with getPagedResponse returning null success data

RC2.2 -API Version 0.9 Revision 2010.06.29.001

- added global handlers, `Soapi.onError`, `Soapi.onSuccess`, `Soapi.onComplete`
- default `page=1`, `pagesize=100` for getPagedResponse
- added `context` parameter to all response methods to faciliate processing responses in a global switch
- added object definition to `applyParameters` intellisense
- found and fixed a few isolated errors in the volumnuous documentation
- BIG: for single use, you no longer have to 'new' up a `RouteFactory`. 

  Simply call `Soapi.RouteFactory(target,apikey).Sites().getResponse(....`

  Only if you wish to hang on to an instance for reuse do you need to explicitely instantiate a `RouteFactory`.

- BIG: added parameter object to `RouteFactory` route factory methods. 

- You no longer need to `.applyParameters` when constructing a routemap. `applyParameters` *may* still useful for reusing a route, e.g re-applying different parameters but you need to be careful of existing param fields.

  e.g. instead of `RouteFactory("","").QuestionsById(123).applyParameters({answers: true, body: true, comments: true}).getResponse.......` you may `RouteFactory("","").QuestionsById(123, {answers: true, body: true, comments: true}).getResponse.......`

- BIG: BREAKING CHANGE: all response array properties are now named `items`. This enables more powerful application patterns and brings Soapi.js in line with Soapi.cs.

    e.g. `data.answers` is now `data.items`, `data.api_sites` is now `data.items`, `data.associated_users` is now `data.items`, `data.tags` is now `data.items`, etc etc 

RC2.1 -API Version 0.9 Revision 2010.06.29.001

- fixed missing route fields in the documentation

RC2 -API Version 0.9 Revision 2010.06.29.001

- unix timestamps are converted to/from JavaScript Date transparently
- Added `Site.Styling` from latest API
- renamed `ApiSitesResponse` to `SitesResponse`
- renamed `ApiSitesRouteMap` to `SitesRouteMap`
- renamed `RevisionsByIdByRevisionguid` to `RevisionsByIdByRevisionGuid`
- renamed `UsersByIdCommentsByToid` to `UsersByIdCommentsByToId`
- Built full Html documentation

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